UPDATE: As of January 22nd, 2014, after 2 months of reflecting, I am continuing on this journey of gratitude at whatever pace I want 🙂 See below for full “about”

On January 1st of 2012, I narrowly escaped death in a near car-collision with two of my absolute best friends in the car beside me. After swerving out of our lane at the last second, the car coming towards us in the wrong lane kept going into the darkness, leaving us untouched. The incident made me think about all the unfinished conversations I’d had, all the phone calls I had ended without an “I love you,” and all of the loose ends I had with people I cared about. I’ve always tried my best to be thankful and polite to everyone whether it’s my grandma, or the barista at Starbucks; but it’s never felt like enough. I’ve spent the last 11 months thinking about how to move forward and it was on Thanksgiving night that I thought of what to do. I have decided to spend the next 365 days thanking and appreciating at least one person each day for their role and impact in my life. It may start out as a challenge, but I hope it becomes second nature as the weeks roll on.

Each day, I will call one person and thank them for their impact in my life and tell them why I appreciate them. I will also try to thank as many people as I can in person if possible since the human connection is truly unlike anything else 🙂 Then, I will write an in-depth blog post about them. This blog will document each and every “thank you” I have done. They are in no particular order of significance.

Here we go! 365 days of “Thank you”

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy the stories and smiles.


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