#376. December 17th, 2015: Noor Tagouri

When I was first introduced to the name Noor Tagouri, it was from a friend Zeinab who was inspired by all that Noor was and all that she stood for. When I first heard Noor’s voice, I could tell instantly that I was speaking with a world-changer, a compassionate woman, and a genuine human being. When I first met Noor in person, I realized that everything I had thought and heard was right: Noor was someone who’s pure existence makes the world a better place. Noor is a beautiful, quick, and hilarious friend, and she’s someone you can count on to spend every single day trying to do her best to inspire others and change the status quo. She sees a challenge as an opportunity and she encourages everyone in her life to do the same. Noor has an energy when you’re around her that is impossible to ignore. It isn’t commanding or overwhelming; it’s comforting and sparks the best in you. Noor, thank you so much for walking into my life at a time when I really needed it. Thank you for being a rebellious spirit and for inspiring me to keep creating and persevering. Thank you for constantly checking up on me during my travels – it seriously means the world to me, especially when I’m going through a tough time. Thank you for being honest with yourself and those who follow in your footsteps, about life, its difficulties and its triumphs. Thank you for being humble and grateful through every moment in your life, and thank you for helping others along your wildly successful journey of life. Thank you for being the bright shining light that you are. Thank you for being you 🙂

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