#374. December 16th, 2015: Jon Weigell

Mention the name “Jon Weigell” to anyone who knows him and you can guarantee they’ll respond with a big smile and only the kindest words. You can’t help but feel sincere joy when you’re around Jon, and it’s probably one of the reasons why he’s so loved by so many people. Jon is a friend who will support you 100% and he’ll always be there to listen as well. He’s also incredibly honest and will take a stand against what he feels is wrong or unjust. He has the most contagious energy and laugh and he just makes you feel so very safe and welcomed. He’s also an absolutely wonderful actor and singer. In Charlie Brown, he made me laugh and cry and completely forget that I was watching a friend of mine. I felt immersed because of his dedication to the part and the show altogether. And on his a cappella group, it’s so clear to the audience his love for the craft and his cohesion with the team. Jon, thank you so much for being a friend and for being a part of my life. Thank you for your hysterical moments in all things Delt, especially when you stand up to give an announcement. Thank you for being such a good hugger and for being someone I’m so excited to see on the street. Thank you for being genuine and for your incredible integrity. I admire your determination and passion with what you do so very much. I’m so happy to call you a friend and brother and can’t wait to see you when I come back. Thanks for being you 🙂

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