#372. December 10th, 2015: Eilish Zembilci

Just typing her name makes me smile. In all seriousness, there aren’t many people with the same genuine charm, contagious smile and comforting hugs like Eilish. She is someone who only positively impacts others, whether it be through simply seeing her on the street or talking about ideas and the future. Her tenacity with everything she does is ridiculously inspiring and encourages you to implement the same energy into everything you do. When I think about Eilish, I think of someone who is grounded, dedicated and selfless. Just being around her makes you feel happy, at ease, and that you’re around someone who cares about kindness for all. She’s also absolutely beautiful, in every sense of the word. Her intelligence and drive are so wonderfully paired with her sweetness and desire to help others along the way. Eilish, thank you so very much for being a positive force in my life and for always making me smile. Thank you for caring about making change in our world in a way that takes true passion and perspective. Thank you for being so friendly and caring to everyone in your life and for checking in on me while I’ve been on this crazy adventure. When I was having a rough time with a lot in February, you sent me a text just to check in and remind me that I was supported and cared about, and it meant the world to me. That’s what I love about you – your little actions that you do everyday without a thought of recognition that make people’s day. Thank you for that, and for truly being a great person to the core. Thank you for being you, Eilish. 🙂

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