#371. December 10th, 2015: Alex Maloney

When I think of my friendship with Alex, I know it’s one that will truly last (and thrive) forever. There’s just some people in life who I imagine having dinner with along with his/her family later in life, like a little bbq with beer while the kids play in the backyard, and Alex is one of those people. It’s so hard to describe, but when I’m around Alex or even think of our friendship, I immediately think of his loyalty, kindness and genuine sense of respect for everyone he encounters in life. Alex is my great grand little in my fraternity, which means that I have a big brother-esque mentorship with him, but the truth is that I learn so much from him most of the time. His goofball-ness constantly refills my confidence in myself when I’m doubtful, and his intelligence and passion for computer science and problem solving pushes me to try harder at what I’m doing. Perhaps most importantly, the way he lives his life is inspiring in itself. His personality and consistent smile encourage you to be a better person, each and every day. Alex, thank you so much for being a friend that I cherish so, so very much. As I’ve been traveling, I’ve had so much time to think and reflect, and although I’ve thought all of this for awhile, my respect and admiration for you as a person, friend and brother have only increased while I’ve been away. You make any situation fun and quirky and joyful and your always-up-for-something-fun attitude is so very contagious. I also want to say thank you for what you said to me that night after voting – I’ll never forget it. Thank you for being someone I trust and can confide in. Thank you for being someone I look forward to seeing and talking to. Thank you for your excitement about life and your eagerness to be kind to people. Thank you for being you, Alex 🙂

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