#368. October 21st, 2014: Peyton Taets

When I first met Peyton at CI, I knew right away that she was such a sweet girl with such a big heart. Her smile is such a warming sight, and her cool and fun personality makes her so wonderful to spend time with. She is an incredible role model to so many people, including myself, and I am so proud to be her friend. She is absolutely beautiful in so many ways, and I love how I have gotten to see her grow over the last year. Peyton, thank you so much for coming into my life and for making it better by just being yourself. Thank you so much for teaching me the definition and value of strength and for being so open with me as we’ve gotten to know each other. Thank you for making me smile every time I see you, and thank you for just being a spectacular friend to everyone. Thank you for being someone I look up to and learn from, and thank you for being such a lovely resident of mine 🙂 Thank you so much for being the stunning human that you are. Thank you for being you 🙂

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