#364. November 21st, 2013: Ben Smith

I still remember when Ben moved onto our lovely floor last year 🙂 He would walk around in that sweatshirt or a sweater with a collared shirt underneath, and he would make everyone laugh with his hysterical sense of humor 🙂 He still does that today, and I absolutely love it. Ben is someone who reminds you to strive for excellence just by living and being in your life. He is such a kindhearted human being and when he smiles you can just tell how genuine it is. He has been such a phenomenal and trustworthy friend for so many people including myself, and I know how many people love and adore him. Ben makes just about anything and everything fun. Whenever he’s around, you’re bound to laugh and have a good time. But Ben is also so capable of having serious conversations and I appreciate that so much. Ben is such a mature man and yet he lives such a beautiful life with youth in his heart and actions. He’s been an absolute joy to get to know this past year and having him on the TEDx team has been amazing. I love how we’ve seen him grow into loving it and what he does more and more and his energy is honestly something so invaluable for the team. Ben, thank you so much for being such a great resident last year, but thank you more for being such a rockstar friend and confidant. Thank you so much for living out your dreams and for being so determined to reach your goals. Thank you for being so ambitious, especially with the pilot’s license, and thank you for just making me want to be a better person. Thank you for your care and love that you give your friends, and thank you for being so damn funny 🙂 Thank you for being you, Ben 🙂

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