#363. November 20th, 2013: Tom Rielly

Tom is truly unlike anyone I’ve ever met. When I did meet him, he was so quick to take me under his wing and mentor me. He was also quick to break out his absolutely hysterical sense of humor, something which I will always be so appreciative of. He has this magical way of making everyone feel welcome and happy. He breaks the ice so well with his charisma and comedy and I think it’s awesome. Seriously though, Tom is one of the most remarkable men I’ve ever met. His loyalty and dedication to his job and those who he helps and serves is unmatched. At TEDGlobal, he would always be silent when a Fellow was performing out of respect and I love that. He is the epitome of someone who leads by example and I look up to him in so many ways. His intelligence and advice is invaluable and is something I will always consider. He has seriously been a mentor for me through so many different adventures and projects and I trust him immensely. He has been a constant voice of encouragement and one that always pushes me to do better. Tom, thank you so much for always being there for me and for listening to my ridiculous rants and talks. Thank you so much for always having wonderful supportive words and for helping me through anything. Thank you for your unwavering honesty and for never telling me just what I want to hear. Thank you for helping me grow and develop into a better man, and thank you for leading such a gratuitous and generous life. Thank you for showing me around New York and thank you for coming to emcee TEDxFoggyBottom in February! 😀 Thank you so much for being such a hilarious man filled with thousands of jokes that will make anyone’s day. Thank you for making TEDGlobal such an enjoyable experience, and thank you for all of the hard work that you do on a daily basis. Thank you for making me proud of who I am and for helping me with some of my biggest insecurities. Thank you for being in my life and for being a man who I will always look up to. Thank you for being so genuine, humble, kind, and courageous. Thank you so much for being such a remarkable human being who is leaving his legacy on this earth every single day. Thank you for being you!

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