#362. November 19th, 2013: Lindsay Serwatka

If you’re looking for a goddess, then you need to meet Lindsay šŸ™‚ She is literally one of the most beautiful women on this earth and her personality is even more gorgeous. We’ve known each other since the very beginning of college which is crazy, and I have adored seeing how she has developed and grown in such incredible ways. Her ability to stick to her values and principles is so inspiring and I honestly have so so so much respect for how Lindsay leads her beautiful life. She has this wonderful way of making you so happy when you’re around her, and she makes you feel so comfortable and welcomed. I was fortunate enough to spend my spring break with her in New Orleans and I seriously had such a fantastic time šŸ™‚ She’s such a role model with everything she does and she literally is the epitome of leading by example. Lindsay is one of those people who I just look up to so much. Her generosity is only second to the effort she puts into everything she does, and she never asks for anything in return. She makes me happy to be alive and she makes me want to strive to be better. Lindsay, thank you so much for being such a spectacular human being and for making everyone in your life feel so loved. Thank you so much for always being so honest and trustworthy and for your consistent effort to make the world a better place. Thank you for listening to me and my ridiculous conversations and distractions, and thank you so much for just being in my life šŸ™‚ Thank you so much for being you šŸ™‚

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