#361. November 18th, 2013: Andrew Avitabile

I’ve know this absolute goofball since the very beginning of my freshman year. We’re in the same pledge class together, and we’ve made it to today with some ridiculous moments and some proud times. I will always appreciate having Andrew in my life, and I know he will be a friend forever. It’s been so exciting seeing him grow into such a rockstar and I am so unbelievably honored and thankful that he was our President this past year. He’s become such a strong, fearless, confident, and respectful leader and I literally do not know where our fraternity would be without him. Andrew is someone you look up to and know you can count on for good advice. It’s also important to note that you can always count on him for a pick-up spongebob quote match, which have literally been the highlight of my year 🙂 Where’s the leak, ma’am? Seriously though, Andrew is one of the funniest guys that I know, someone who can always cheer me up and make me laugh, and someone who I know cares about me and the well-being of the people around him in his life. Andrew has such a phenomenal outlook on life and he capitalizes on every opportunity he gets. His ambition and drive to be a better person every day and to succeed is so contagious and inspiring. Andrew is the definition of a man and shines honor and loyalty wherever he goes. Andrew, thank you so much for being such a fantastic friend and brother. Thank you so much for the tradition with my hair, and thank you so freakin’ much for our spongebob quote battles which are seriously the best. Thank you so much for having such a great laugh and such a wonderful personality that everyone loves. Thank you so much for being someone I trust and value so much, and thank you so much for just being in my life and for leading our brotherhood in such a superb way. Thank you for being you!

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