#360. November 17th, 2013: Eric Schaefer

When I think about Eric, I think about how refreshing it is to see him when he walks into a room. As I say all the time, he truly does has basically the world’s best and most sincere smile I’ve pretty much ever seen 🙂 And the best part is that it’s always so genuine and true. Eric just has this knack for spreading his happiness everywhere he goes, and it’s seriously so contagious. I’ve only know Eric for just a few months, but he’s already had such an impact on me. He’s reminded me to be youthful and to be proud of who I am. Specifically, when it comes to my happiness, I’ve been made fun of constantly for it or the statuses that I make and if I mean them. The thing about Eric is that he lives this way so beautifully and he always means what he says. He’s honest, and he’s taught and shown me to confident in so many ways. It’s hard to explain, but he really has been so helpful. Eric is also just so much freakin’ fun to be around. He always makes the room brighter and his laugh is equally as contagious as his grin. He’s incredibly compassionate and always so kind to everyone around him. Eric, thank you so much for being such a vibrant and fantastic human being. Thank you for reminding me that being happy is great! And that having bad days is okay too. Thank you for being such a refreshing individual to have around all the time and thank you so much for all the care you have for the people around you. Thank you for our amazing conversation last night and for all the help with the page 🙂 Thank you so much for your spectacular sense of humor and for always making me laugh. Thank you so much for being you 🙂

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