#358. November 15th, 2013: Gidon Feen

This young man is truly someone to look out for in the world. He’s an incredibly kind, unbelievably talented guy that I’m so fortunate to know. What’s funny about Gidon is that I actually gave him his tour of GW. Then, I saw him at CI (our orientation program), which I was lucky enough to lead, and now, he’s my resident!!! Talk about a cool journey! It really is quite fantastic having Gidon in my life though. He’s someone who I know I can count on with anything and having him on the TEDx team is absolutely spectacular. He has this eager mind that is literally always soaking up ideas and inspiration around him. His work ethic is something I will always be jealous of, as well as his ability to rock a Kippah. Truly though, Gidon is someone who makes everyone around him feel comfortable and capable of anything in life. His courage is something I admire beyond words, as well as his independence and strength. Gidon is such a quality individual and just an overall genuine human being who will always be honest with you. He values respect and modesty and dignity and his ambition continues to drive him forward at such a fast pace every single day. Gidon, thank you so much for being such a rockstar and for being such a joy to have in my life. Thank you for making the most of every day and for being so determined to make the world better. Thank you for being one of the few freshmen that I know who reads as many magazines as you do, and thank you for letting me borrow them from time to time. Thank you so much for being such a down to earth gentleman, and thank you for being you!

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