#356. November 13th, 2013: Dante Fernandes

This freshman is one of the best freshmen in all the land 🙂 I remember seeing him on basically the first day of school and thinking that he looked like such a nice kid. I was right! He’s absolutely one of the sweetest and most kind guys you’ll ever meet! He constantly has a smile on his face and his energy is contagious. Sometimes he makes me feel like I have a little brother, or one of those toys that you wind up and let spin around the room 🙂 Dante really is such a generous and enthusiastic person though. Spending time with him is so much fun and although I don’t like to admit, he is a pretty funny guy too 🙂 I am honestly so glad that I was able to meet him so early in his freshman year, and the fact that he joined Delt is absolutely fantastic! Seeing him so happy with such a great group of men is such a humbling feeling. Dante is someone who deserves the best and who understands the value of respect and love. Dante, thank you so much for being such a goofy and hilarious guy and for being an amazing friend in my life. Thank you for listening to me when we have our ridiculous conversations and thank you so much for just being so supportive of all that I do. Thank you so much for always being so kind and compassionate to everyone around you. Thank you for being real and so innocently open to new ideas in the world. Than you so so so much for just being such a wonderful individual that we are all so lucky to have in our lives 🙂

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