#354. November 11th, 2013: Frank Sesno

In May of this year, I sat down with Frank for the first time. I was immediately captured by his energy and lively spirit, something I appreciate so very much. Months later I would sit down with him again, only this time for much longer and with an incredible opportunity to follow. Frank is someone who loves to include. He likes giving others opportunities to grow and develop and for that I am so grateful. He brought me down to the Planet Forward team that day and I honestly had such a phenomenal adventure with them that I will never forget. Frank is unbelievably generous, with his time, but most importantly with his care and commitment. He is dedicated to connecting others and to making those around him feel happy and supported, and he does a fantastic job doing so. Frank is a leader who doesn’t create followers; he creates other leaders. He serves as a mentor to me and so many other people, and he offers such compelling, honest, and magnificent advice. He is also so modest and down to earth and his compassion shines through with every conversation you have with him. Every word he speaks has an impact on you in the best way possible and for that I am so ridiculously appreciative of our conversations. I’ve only known Frank for so long, but I know for a fact that he must have been and continues to be the best father in the world to his kids. I say that because being around him, you can feel his devotion to making everything enjoyable and you can feel his dedication to everything he sets his mind to. Frank, thank you so very much for becoming such a big influence in my life and for all of your honest advice and recommendations about so many different things. Thank you for being the epitome of a great leader who leads by example while connecting with everyone you work with. Thank you so much for that conversation in the stair case months ago, and thank you so much for listening to me ramble about my projects and dreams, and for being supportive of all of them. Thank you so much for that harmonica story today, and thank you so much for just being such a unique and remarkable man that this world is honored to have.

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