#353. November 10th, 2013: Kevin Connell

When I met this crazy kid, I knew he was going to be a friend of mine. Of course I had to label him as a resident, but I definitely knew he was different. He’s also a fellow SoCal guy so that makes him even better. Seriously though, Kevin is someone you can trust. He’s someone you can always get the honest opinion out of, and he’s someone that I know I can count on. At the beginning of the year, I met his family and then at the end of the year I found myself on the phone with his awesome mom on a hectic drive to a storage unit. The moral of the story is that Kevin is a rockstar, his family is fantastic, and our adventure that day was so much fun. Kevin is also such a dedicated and determined guy who is always willing to learn. We can go from ridiculous conversations to serious ones about anything really, and I really appreciate that. Kevin, thank you so much for being such a genuine man and for always having a attitude about life. Thank you for being honest with yourself and with others and for being so down to earth. Thank you for working so hard at all that you do and for always looking to be better and bolder. Thank you for being such a kind and compassionate friend and thank you for just being you đŸ™‚

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