#350. November 7th, 2013: Bryan Brindley

Not only does Bryan have a phenomenal name, but he also is someone who can make you feel so happy, so welcome, and just so comforted. Bryan is someone who I am damn proud to call my brother, and I’m even more proud to call him my friend. He respects every single person in his life and treats them with dignity. He has this way of lighting up a room when he’s there, but in the most modest and down to earth way. He only wants others to be happy and he seriously is such a selfless and kind person. He also is absolutely hilarious and being around him is always a great time. More than that though, Bryan represents being genuine in my mind. He is incredibly trustworthy and honest, and I know that he is such a quality man and gentleman that is going to do amazing things on this earth. Bryan, thank you so so much for being such a wonderful guy and for being a friend who I know will be in my life forever. Thank you so much for having such a great perspective on life and for always being there when people need you. Thank you for being someone who everyone feels comfortable around and for being someone who reminds me of courage and respect. Thank you so much for being someone I know that I can count on, and thank you so much for just being in my life. Thank you so much for being you 🙂 

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