#349. November 6th, 2013: Neil Govoni

When you get to know Neil Govoni, you understand the true meaning of strength and perseverance. Neil is an unbelievable man. He is genuine, kindhearted, and always looks out for those around him. His ability to overcome any struggle and obstacle that comes his way is both remarkable and inspiring. Neil is seriously one of those people who just makes you want to be a better person just by knowing him. He is also absolutely hilarious and has such a fantastic sense of humor. He is also great at mobilizing the chapter to do something on Facebook if you know what I mean… 🙂 Seriously though, Neil is a wonderful friend, brother, and human being and I’m honored to have him in my life. Neil, thank you so much for your constant courage and bravery in life and for being someone who is so open and trustworthy. Thank you so much for always being someone that so many people can count on and for being such a fun guy to be around. Thank you for always having something meaningful to say and for truly being such a down to earth and special person. Anyone who knows you understands how lucky they are to have you in their life. Neil, thank you so much for all that you do, for keeping your head up high, and for influencing those around you to strive to be better and more compassionate people. You’re awesome 🙂

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