#345. November 2nd, 2013: Scott Earl

Scott Earl is someone who can make you happy πŸ™‚ Scott’s quirkiness and positive attitude is so contagious and spending my first summer in DC with him was absolutely amazing πŸ™‚ 205 was perfect and Scott played a huge part in making it such a fun and welcoming room. Scott is incredibly trustworthy and so reliable for great advice and stories. I remember so different times where he and I were sitting in our kitchen just chatting about life together! He’s so passionate about helping others and honestly that devotion that he has is unmatched. Scott is so driven to give others opportunities and spending time around him just challenges you to be better and to strive for your goals. Scott is such a comforting and understanding person as well. He gives great hugs and just makes you feel great! He’s such a role model for so many people including myself and I am so honored to have him as a friend in my life and to have spent that summer with him! Now he’s off doing crazy big things in Australia and I have to say that calling him from here to there tonight was super cool! Scott, thank you so much for being such am energetic and young soul and for always rocking that smile on your face. Thank you for always being able to cheer me up and for when you would say boo boo πŸ™‚ Thank you for being such a great friend and mentor and thank you for being a genuine and kind-hearted man. Thank you for taking risks and for taking leaps in life and for following your dreams. Thank you for being such a spectacular human being Scott πŸ™‚

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