#344. November 1st, 2013: Joy Dhar

Joy is another perfect example of someone who when you type their name, you can’t help but smile πŸ™‚ Joy is someone who makes everyone happy. She can find the humor in everything and her ability to make everyone feel comforted and welcome is something I admire so much. Joy is incredibly honest and her realistic approach to things is also something I love. She has such a balanced head on her shoulders and she is someone who you can guarantee confident and smart advice from. Her opinion is honestly something I appreciate so much as Joy is just someone with very clear perspective. Joy is also someone who is just so much freakin’ fun. Being around her is always a blast, and you can just always count on laughing from some hilarious comment or joke she’ll have. Joy is one of those people who can instantly make you smile and I love it! πŸ™‚ Joy represents strength and courage in my book, and I love having her in my life. Joy, thank you so much for being a phenomenal woman and for being such an independent and brave individual. Thank you for your modesty and your ability to take life by the horns. Thank you for always looking out for those you care about and for being a wonderful friend. Thank you for being such an asset to the CI Family and thank you for just being someone who I truly look at as a role model, just like so many other people. Thank you for your superb sense of humor and for never taking things too seriously. You’re a spectacular and special person Joy, and I cannot wait to see how you continue to rock the world. Seriously. Thank you so much for being the beautiful human that you are πŸ™‚

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