#343. October 31st, 2013: The Planet Forward Family

About three weeks ago, I walked into the Planet Forward office for the first time. Thank goodness Frank took me down there, because these past three weeks have been an adventure spent with some phenomenal people. They all welcomed me in and were so kind and compassionate. They all have a fantastic sense of humor and being in that office quickly felt like a home. Kyle is absolutely the glue to the operation and has this wonderful motherly vibe that makes her so comforting and easy to talk to. Dan has a perfectly balanced leadership style that enables everything to get done while having fun doing it. He’s also a quality human being who I trust and admire so much. Nick is absolutely fantastic and brings so much personality to the group and he’s so much fun to be around. And his ability to pull things together and get work done so efficiently is incredible. Mike is equally as fantastic and so much fun to work with. He’s so poised and intelligent and so helpful and he makes it so easy to learn. Alyssa is just another superhero in that office… She’s actually unbelievable and is the sweetest thing on this planet. She can make you smile so easily and her organization and management skills are simply remarkable. And she’s a month out from a special day so congrats to her πŸ™‚ Frank is truly someone special. Never have I met a man who captures a room so passionately and never have a met a man more supportive, encouraging, and helpful than Frank. He doesn’t create followers; he creates other leaders, and to me, that is the best mentor anyone can ask for. It has been an honor to work with him and to have his support. To the entire team, thank you so so so much for letting me spend these past weeks with you and for teaching me so much. Thank you for being so understanding and spunky and just a great group of people. Thank you for making me part of such a magnificent experience and thank you for just being spectacular human beings πŸ™‚ Oh one more thing: #FoodFWD

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