#342. October 30th, 2013: Charlie Temkin

This man is a role model, a goof ball, and an absolute honor to call a brother 🙂 Everyone who knows Charlie knows that they are in the company of an amazing friend and confidant. Charlie is easily one of the most genuine men that I know, always looking out for those around him. He has such a phenomenal sense of humor, but he knows when to be serious and have a fantastic conversation. I respect Charlie’s opinion a ton and it’s because he speaks the truth and he has such compassion and dedication to others and being there for the people that he cares about. I remember getting lunch with him, Eric, and Fawzi and thinking that he was absolutely awesome. It’s true! Charlie is such a modest and intelligent guy and he constantly challenges you to be a better person just by him existing. I think my favorite part about Charlie though is how weird and quirky he is, in such a good way. He has so many fantastic attributes to him and they all add up to him being someone I can trust, someone I know I will be friends with forever, and someone who I know respects and values everyone around him. Charlie, thank you so much for being such a leader and someone who I admire so so much. Thank you for always having something hilarious to say, as well as such important comments that I appreciate so much. Thank you so much for being such a constant reason why I am smiling and thank you for just being a guy that everyone loves for being himself. Also, thank you for rocking that beard! Thank you for being you! 🙂

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