#341. October 29th, 2013: Daniel Landsman

I can’t even type his name without laughing.  Daniel Landsman is such a naturally funny guy who is an expert at making people laugh and feel comfortable. He has this perfect balance between being the hilarious guy in the room and the guy whose input you value the most. Seriously though, Daniel is someone who I respect so much and his advice and comments are always fantastic to hear and so helpful. In regard to Delt specifically, Daniel is honestly the essence of our fraternity in my opinion. He is a true gentleman and a quirky fellow that is respectful to literally everyone around him. He’s cool because he’s open and spunky. He’s absolutely so much fun to be around because you can always guarantee he’ll having you laughing hysterically with something that he says. His laugh is also one of the most contagious things you’ll hear. His attitude and outlook is fantastic and I’m honored to call him my brother and friend. Landsman, thank you so much for always being a constant source of joy and humor in my life. Thank you for being a foundational piece of our brotherhood and thank you for honestly being one of the leading factors for getting more involved in Delt. Thank you for always having something valuable to say and thank you for having such a strong and clear perspective. Thank you for being a rockstar that everyone knows and loves, and thank you for just being you!

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