#334. October 22nd, 2013: Hugh Moren

BRING THE HORNS!!! This man is truly a special individual comprised of an incredible work ethic and a fantastic sense of humor. Hugh literally has me dying of laughter at least once every time I’m with him, and I promise I love his cooking! Seriously though, Hugh is one of the most reliable and dedicated people that I know. He is such an essential piece of the TEDx team and I really don’t know where we’d be without him. I remember being with him and Kayla last year at Staples and Kayla and I both said to each other, “Wow, we have to have him on our team!”And look where we are 🙂 Hugh is such a respectable and honorable man and I admire his advice and opinion so much it’s ridiculous. We operate in different ways sometimes and yet it’s phenomenal working with him because I get to see a side of things that I otherwise might not take notice of. Hugh is always there to provide quality insight and feedback and I honestly love that. He’s intelligent, kind, and devoted to all that he does and I am so appreciative of having him in my life. Hugh, thank you so much for dealing with my craziness on a daily basis and for being such a superb human being. Thank you so much for all that you do both within the TED family and out of it, and thank you for always being able to make me laugh and be happy. Thank you for being a friend I can trust and count on and thank you for your consistent honesty. Thank you for being the gentleman that you are 🙂

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