#331. October 19th, 2013: Natalie Ortiz

There’s nothing like being in college and finding someone from your hometown!! I remember the first time I saw the roster of my residents last year with Kayla and spotted Natalie from San Diego. I knew instantly that we would be friends, or at least “fresidents” 🙂 Seriously though, right from the start I knew that Natalie was such a mature and levelheaded person. She’s so easy to talk to and I love the fact that we can relate about the goofiest things and of course everything San Diego related 😀 Natalie is also someone who is always striving to be better and to help those around her. I admire her perseverance so much and her wish to challenge herself with all that she does. She’s such a hard worker and yet she knows how to have fun and just be herself too. Her beautiful personality and kindness is only matched by that of her smile 🙂 Natalie really gave me someone I could bond with and talk to last year if I needed it. She has this wonderful ability to have serious conversations but also can have ridiculous ones where her contagious laugh instantly fills up the room 🙂 Natalie is just such a vibrant person who is so much fun to be around 🙂 Natalie, thank you so much for always being so compassionate and comforting and thank you for always pushing through things logically and confidently. Thank you for being such a strong individual and for following your dreams 🙂 Thank you for always always always making me smile when I see you and thank you for being the absolutely gorgeous person that you are 🙂 Thank you for being you 😀

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