#327. October 15th, 2013: Marcela Torres-Cervantes

Marcela is the definition of beauty and selflessness.Seriously though- you’ll rarely meet another young woman who is as genuine and respectful as Marcela. She is easily one of the most grounded and humble people that I know and she’s someone who I can always always always count on for honest advice. Marcela has a smile that literally lights up the room and when you see her, your day gets better and you know you’re getting a fantastic hug 🙂 Marcela is also one of the most compassionate and kind people that I know. Everything about her is gentle and loving and she’s just so much fun to be around. She’s someone you can laugh with hysterically or have incredibly serious and down to earth conversations with. She’s someone who you can trust and she is an absolutely phenomenal listener in that she’s engaged and cares about what you have to say. I think perhaps most importantly is that Marcela has unbelievable pride in who she is and what she represents. She has such a bright spirit and attitude about her and I absolutely love that. I admire how she carries herself with such poise and yet she is so quick to learn and is open to new experiences. Marcela is just such an amazing friend, mentor, and overall human being. Marcela, thank you so much for being such a special individual and for making me smile every time I see you. Thank you for being such a strong young woman and thank you for your constant courage and your unmatched dedication to your values in life. Thank you for being involved in so much that is all geared toward helping others and giving out opportunities. Thank you so much for being someone I can count on and thank you so much for just being the sweet and wonderful person that you are. Thank you so much, Marcela, for being you 🙂

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