#326. October 14th, 2013: Zack Udin

It’s basically impossible to think of Zack Udin and not smile 🙂 His name comes with the connotation of laughter, fun, and just all-around awesome 🙂 I’ve known Zack pretty much since he got to high school and ever since then he has been a fantastic friend, both at CCA and here at GW. Zack is someone that draws you in. He gives off such welcoming and accepting vibes and he is someone you can relate to about pretty much anything. Zack is definitely someone who is so comfortable with himself and because of that he’s one of the best allies ever 🙂 Zack is absolutely hilarious and has such a phenomenal sense of humor. I can seriously recall countless times of being in the black box theatre at a Comedy Sportz match and watching Zack crack up the whole crowd. Zack is goofy, spunky, and just someone who puts himself out there. He makes others happy and he can make anyone laugh so easily. He is fantastic at brightening your day and gives great hugs too 🙂 Zack is someone who you just treasure as a friend and having him in your life makes things so much better. Zack, thank you so much for being the caring, hysterical, and confident young man that you are. Thank you for coming to GW and sharing some of the best years of your life with me 🙂 Thank you for always putting a smile on my face and thank you for the wonderful memories of high school and for all the incredible shows you put on. Thank you for leaving a great legacy at CCA and thank you for always listening to my ridiculous talks about all sorts of stuff 🙂 Thank you for opening up to me and for being able to have serious conversations and joking ones. Thank you for being such a genuine man and for making me proud to call you my friend. Thank you for being you 🙂

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