#324. October 12th, 2013: Sean McKee

Sean McKee is the definition of a man. Sean’s integrity and respect for those around him is unmatched and incredibly admirable. He is such a man of class and kindness and having him as my resident last year was the best πŸ™‚ Sean is someone that you can always count on for anything. Seriously, he cares so much about being there for those in his life and I love that. Sean is unbelievably compassionate and is someone who can always make you laugh and smile. His work ethic and dedication to doing and being better is truly fantastic and I look up to that so much. It’s so awesome having Sean as a brother and it’s just been wonderful having him in my life as someone I can call my friend. Sean, thank you so much for being such a rockstar and for being such a quality friend and human being. Thank you for your service with ROTC and thank you for being such a strong and confident guy. Thank you for being such a great rezzie last year and for always cheering me up when I needed it! Thank you for leaving me that note that night that I fell asleep and for setting my alarm for when I needed to get up early – that was seriously the nicest thing πŸ™‚ Thank you for just being such an honorable and humble man!

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