#322. October 10th, 2013: Adam Bendell

Hiiiiiiiii! (In Adam’s voice) πŸ™‚ Adam Bendell is one of the quirkiest and most enthusiastic people that I know. I remember knowing who he was during our freshmen year and seeing him around the Business School, and to see the remarkable and monumental changes he has made since then is fantastic. Adam is truly the epitome of growth and development into being the best that you can be. He has such a drive and determination to put in 110% into everything he does and he really cares about the people in his life. Adam is also unbelievably funny and has a wonderful sense of humor which at times is nothing short of bizarre. As his roommate this summer, I got to see how incredibly kind and compassionate he is and how devoted he is to enjoying life. He’s super intelligent and incredibly involved around campus and the community, and I know for a fact that he was a role model to everyone who met him this summer. He’s a role model and leader in my eyes and I’m honored to call him my friend πŸ™‚ Adam is just such a unique and fun guy to be around and spending this summer with him was a blast. Adam, thank you so much for opening up this summer and for allowing all of us to help you grow and for teaching us how to be better people, too. Thank you so much for the hilarious chats we had at night and for dealing with my craziness and always asking you to do say “Let the party begin!” πŸ™‚ Thank you for your spunk and personality that is unmatched, and thank you for truly being yourself this summer. Thank you for making me laugh so much and for all of the amazing memories and hilarious moments. Thank you for trying to teach me all your dance moves and hand beats! Thank you for being so positive and for being such a genuine and real human being. Thank you for being you Adam πŸ™‚ Oh, have you done the macro problem set yet?

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