#320. October 8th, 2013: Erin Sigoloff

To start, I want to say how cool this “thank you” was because I got to call Erin while she is in Paris! 🙂 Erin is my cousin and I’ve literally grown up with her as an inspiration and role model in my life. Whether it was at Nanny’s home in the backyard or at their beautiful open-air house, I could always count on Erin to be someone who could make me smile and someone who could challenge me to do more in the best way. Erin is someone who I learned a lot about independence from. Erin is incredibly independent and courageous and I admire that so much. She has such a strong and humble head on her shoulders and she’s always striving to do better. I love the fact that she’s in Paris right now with nothing but adventure and excitement ahead of her! I’m also slightly jealous 🙂 Anyway, Erin is truly a remarkable young woman. She’s gorgeous and has an even more beautiful personality and being around her is always such a fun time. Erin has a wonderful sense of humor and is just one of those people who is dead on with her humor, just like her brother 🙂 I’m so proud to call Erin my cousin and I love her so much. Erin, thank you so much for being such a spectacular person and for being such a mentor to me in my life. Thank you for always having something valuable to say and for being someone that I trust. Thank you for the ridiculous memories, from you eating that butter ball to your bat mitzvah party. Thank you for being someone I can turn to and thank you so much for being such a special person in my life as well as many others. Thank you for being you 🙂

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