#318. October 6th, 2013: Matt Scott

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that Matt Scott is one of the most kind and gentle-hearted people that they know. It’s almost unreal how sweet and caring he is, but it’s absolutely amazing! Matt is also one of GW’s best student leaders. As someone who is involved in so many different groups from helping with TEDx last year to Students Against Sexual Assault this year, it’s remarkable that Matt still has time to say hi on the street and to make your day so cheerful. He is literally always doing something to help someone or this university and it’s so inspiring to see his dedication and passion for all that he does. On top of all this, Matt is just someone who is courageous and genuine and he is a role model for so many people. I trust him and respect him and think he deserves all the happiness in the world. Matt, thank you so much for being such a phenomenal human being and for all the work that you do. Thank you for your enthusiasm and smile that you put into everything and for being such a special individual that this community is lucky to have. Thank you so much for just being such a quality friend and mentor and for being in my life 🙂

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