#317. October 5th, 2013: Terry!

Terry is seriously the man! He’s the one who brings it all together! He’s the one who starts the mess! He is honestly essential to so many of the successes that happen at Lisner Auditorium. It was unbelievably fun working with him this summer and I know the entire CI staff can back me up on that. Terry is absolutely one of the funniest people in the world, and he knows just when to use his humor and when to buckle down and get shit done. Terry is incredibly trustworthy and hardworking, and it’s so easy to see that even after only doing a summer’s worth of work with him. He’s supportive and very quickly became part of the CI family this summer, as I’m sure has every single year. Terry, thank you so much for all of your hilarious jokes and your great attitude. Thank you so much for having such a big hand in coordinating this summer’s shenanigans and thank you so much for always calming us down before going on stage. Thank you for all that you do and for just being a great and genuine man!

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