#314. October 2nd, 2013: Katie Sauers

I met and came to love Katie because she gave a glimmer of hope and enjoyment in a math class that continually kicked my butt 🙂 Katie was always that girl sitting there, ready for class with a smile on her face and such a warm heart. Katie has always been someone who can make me smile and just have a good time. She has such a phenomenal sense of humor and is an incredibly listener. She is actually engaged in what you have to say she cares about helping you with anything you need. It’s hard to explain, but Katie is just someone who is so much fun to be around. She makes you feel comforted and calm and I cannot even describe how much I love that in a person. Katie has such a kind spirit and she is always so compassionate and caring. She also dealt with Jamie as a roommate so that’s a feat in itself 🙂 🙂 Katie, thank you so much for being such a remarkable young woman for being a constant source of happiness in my life. Thank you for being so positive and wonderful and thank you for being such a great friend and someone I can trust 🙂 Thank you for being someone I KNOW I will be taking pictures with at graduation, and thank you for getting me through that class alive 🙂 Thank you so much for being the spectacular human being that you are, Katie 🙂

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