#313. October 1st, 2013: Caroline Hughes

This girl… I seriously cannot think of another person who is as eccentric, crazy (in a good way), and just all around wild than Caroline. She really is someone who just rocks it every single day and she is never ever afraid to be weird or honest. You really won’t meet another person who is as blunt and truthful as Caroline and I cannot explain how much I admire that part of her. She always tells it like it is and I appreciate that so much. Caroline is someone truly someone who spends every single day making everyone around her laugh and feel happy and she does such a phenomenal job at it 🙂 I can always, always count on her to cheer me up or to baffle me with one of her many noises, faces, or just crazy moves. Caroline is also an incredibly strong woman, someone who lets so much run off her shoulder and someone who takes every obstacle in life with a great attitude and perspective. Caroline is also an unbelievably beautiful woman and she needs to hear that so much more. Seriously though, she’s gorgeous and I’ll tell her that any day. Caroline, thank you so much for the way you live your life and for being your true self. Thank you so much for all the wonderful vines of you being ridiculous and thank you so much for playing with the sockem-boppers with me 🙂 Thank you for being such a quirky individual and for being such a constant source of laughter and happiness! Thank you for being someone I can trust and for being the roommate of that special guy that lights up my life 🙂 Thank you for being such a down to earth and hilarious human being and thank you for having such a fantastic sense of humor. Thank you for being you, Caroline, because you really are someone who SO MANY people appreciate and love to have in their lives. Thank you for being the rambunctious and fun ball of energy that you are 🙂

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