#311. September 29th, 2013: Eli Rudy

When Eli walked into the grand ballroom at CI I knew he was a superstar. For one, the guy’s got impeccable style. On top of that, Eli has one of the best personalities and is so easy to relate to and get along with. He literally takes 5 seconds to find a commonality with and he can make you laugh and smile all the time. Eli is also one of the sweetest guys I’ve met at GW, always offering to help and be there for you. He’s a fantastic listener and his enthusiasm and energy for all that he does is so widespread, genuine, and it’s so contagious πŸ™‚ Eli really is just so invested in life and soaking up all it has to offer. He maximizes every opportunity he has and he’s always looking to explore new pathways. He has such an open and respectable mind and his understanding and love for new adventures is so wonderful and inspiring. He honestly is one of the best freshmen at this school and I cannot wait to see how he grows over these next four years. He has such a superb lifestyle and attitude and being around him is just fun and makes you feel comfortable and welcomed. Eli, thank you so much for already being someone I can trust and talk to about anything. Thank you so much for being such a sweet and caring individual and for always making me so happy. Thank you for your constant optimism and for being so passionate about what you do. Thank you for having such a clear and strong head on your shoulders and for being such a genuine man. Thank you for being my friend and for all of the future memories to come πŸ™‚ I’m literally so excited πŸ™‚ Thank you for being you, Eli πŸ˜€

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