#307. September 25th, 2013: Zeke Reed

Zeke Reed is hands down one of the most naturally funny people that I know. Whether it’s one of his hilarious tweets or spectacular facial expressions or remarks, Zeke can always make me laugh and just be happy. I remember one time when I was just not having that great of a day and when I saw Zeke and was just around him for a few minutes and it made me feel great. Zeke is such a compassionate person too, and his skill at acting is remarkable. On top of that, Zeke is someone who follows his passion and his heart and I love that. It’s incredibly admirable and he has such a big heart and never gives up. Zeke also has such phenomenal sarcasm which is just fantastic 🙂 Zeke, thank you so much for being such a wonderful human being and for being a superb guy that I’ve met at this school. Thank you so much for your humor, your pride, and for just being so kind and caring to all those in your life. Thank you for always making me laugh, as well as everyone else who knows you, and thank you for just being a genuine and quality human being. Thank you for being you 🙂

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