#297. September 15th, 2013: Bethany Thomas

Colonials, what time is it? B-TIMEEEEE! My oh my, B-Time is such a special young woman 🙂 Nothing can compare to those eyes she can give you, or that fantastic laugh that makes you laugh just as hard 🙂 B-Time brought so much spunk, pizazz, and energy to the Cabinet this summer and I am glad to call her my friend 🙂 She’s someone who will always be honest with you and she gives wonderful advice. She’s unbelievably supportive and has always been so sweet and kind. B-Time’s realness is what I think I admire most about her though. She’s incredible down to earth and modest and she really will just tell it how is- something that not many people do. She’s also extremely strong and her courage is something that rubs off on anyone she meets. She just represents her awesome self so proudly and in such a beautiful way. It’s hard to describe, but I guess it’s just that she really is just 100% herself and I love that 🙂 B-Time, thank you so much for always making me laugh and for dealing with my shenanigans on a daily basis 🙂 Thank you for always making me smile and be happy and for always being so loving and caring. Thank you for always having the funniest comments and for truly bringing so much light and warmth to the world. Thank you for your honesty and for opening up to all of us this summer. Thank you for making this summer so great and thank you for being such a great role model and leader, not only to all of us on Cab, but to all of the freshmen who met you. You’re going to be an AMAZING Blue Shirt Coordinator and you know we’ll all be rootin’ for ya 🙂 Thank you for being the beautiful and gorgeous woman that you are 🙂

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