#287. September 5th, 2013: Rhonna Bollig

To start, Rhonna is strong. She’s seriously one of the strongest people that I know and for that I admire her so much it’s crazy. Rhonna has one of the toughest jobs around and yet she handles it with such grace and a smile on her face (hey, that rhymed!) 🙂 Rhonna is incredibly supportive and understanding. She provides such comfort to every single resident in Thurston and to all the House Staff and RD’s as well. She’s a comfortable person to talk to and she’s SO good at diffusing situations. I truly don’t know how she does it but she’s great at what she does. Rhonna is also just a rockstar woman in general. I had the chance to go build houses with her and a bunch of students in New Orleans last spring and she was yet again so awesome with her stories and especially with when I got sick 🙂 Rhonna really is dedicated to helping those around her and I can’t explain how much I appreciate that, as well as how much everyone else is appreciative of that. Rhonna, thank you so much for being such a role model with your confidence, your work ethic, and your composure. Thank you so much for making last year doable and thank you so much for being a strong foundation for all of us to lean on. Thank you so much for all of the great jokes and all of your quirks; especially the Ben & Jerry’s one 🙂 Thank you for a great week in New Orleans and thank you for just being someone who makes me smile when I see you on the street or in Cube City! Thank you for being the superb human being that you are!

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