#285. September 3rd, 2013: Cary Brucker

I’ve known Cary for literally over a decade and he has never stopped being such an incredibly friendly and modest man. Cary is one of those guys who makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable when you’re around him. Growing up, I always knew I could count on him to be someone I trust and to be someone I could laugh with. We were part of the same mother-son book club which had the MOST unique group of guys in all the land, and yet Cary was always someone I looked forward to seeing. He has this familiar and welcoming demeanor about him and he is just super encouraging and fun to be around. Most importantly, Cary is extremely genuine with everything he does. He is unbelievably well-rounded and has such a great head on his shoulders. Cary, thank you so much for being such a rockstar and for being my friend all these years! Thank you for being such a kind and compassionate guy who everyone loves and thank you for just making everyone’s day brighter when you’re around. Thank you for just being the incredible human being that you are!

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