#279. August 28th, 2013: Umbrella Woman :)

Today was a truly remarkable day. After a quick meeting this morning, I went with two friends to the Lincoln Memorial/Reflecting Pool to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and was privileged enough to see President Obama, Clinton, and Carter speak, among many other incredible people. To get in, however, took about 3 hours of waiting, but we finally got in and tried to get as close to the Lincoln as possible. When we found a place to sit for a bit (and then stand later during the program), it started pouring rain again as it had been all morning. As we were sitting there, all huddled trying to keep dry, this random, incredible woman standing near us came over and offered to stand over us with her umbrella. She was like a mother watching over her children; it was the cutest thing. And there we sat for awhile with all three of us sitting pretty much on top of her feet, while she stood above us shielding us from the rain. These are the random acts of kindness that I love, and for that she’s my “thank you” for the day. Thank you to her for being so generous and for making our day even better. Thank you to her for being such a rockstar and for reaching out 🙂

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