#277. August 26th, 2013: Charles Cellier

Today was a pretty cool moment for me and this project because I actually thanked Charles via skype while he is in France! With that, it’s good to start by saying Charles is someone who is so easily adaptable and has really a very unique perspective on this world. Charles is someone who isn’t afraid to speak up. Many times during ASB in high school, Charles would point something out that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. He really has a keen eye for speaking the truth and for progress. On top of that, Charles has a fantastic sense of humor and could always make any crowd laugh and be happy. Charles is also an incredibly intelligent guy and I would always see that going through high school. Charles really has grow into such an awesome and courageous man, and I am proud to call him my friend and to watch as he rocks it over at Northeastern and New York. Charles, thank you so much for all of the ridiculous memories and fun times in high school. Thank you for teaching me so much about friendship and about responsibility and about truly looking into what it might be like in another person’s shoes. Thank you for all of the laughs and for growing with me as we both are in our third year of college, yikes! Thank you for listening to me when I’ve needed it and thank you for being the friend of so many of my friends, giving them someone to trust and someone to count on. Thank you for being the kind and compassionate young man that you are! Thank you for being you!

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