#273. August 22nd, 2013: Shake Shack Man

This man was such a freakin’ rockstar. To start, we had a phenomenal dinner at Shake Shack and were already satisfied. We had rearranged the tables in such a ridiculous way to accommodate the group, and yet when we left, this man told us he loved the new look! As we were about to leave with smiles on our faces, he called us back and asked us if we wanted to try and win a prize. We of course all obliged and listened to the man incredibly intently. He asked us a trivia question about that exact Shake Shack store/location and when we got it right he gave us all coupons for a free desert! It was literally the most simple and quick interaction and yet as I discussed with Justin, it made us love the place even more and want to go back and buy more food, just because they were awesome in there πŸ™‚ He was so kind and engaged and made us feel so awesome! He clearly was having so much fun with his job and had this fantastic smile on his face. I loved every minute of it. To this wonderful man, thank you so much for literally making our days and for such spectacular customer service. Thank you for being such a fantastic human being with such spirit and energy. Thank you for that little act that went so very far πŸ™‚

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