#270. August 19th, 2013: Kelly Pike

When I think of Kelly, I think of a nervous nelly. Or an uncomfortable Karen 🙂 I think of the pants pulling and the ridiculous things that this crazy kid does, but they all make me smile so much 🙂 Kelly was one of my residents last year, and no doubt did she make my job interesting 🙂 Kelly is one of those people who just makes you laugh all the time. She has all these great phrases and quirks that just add to her truly one-of-a-kind personality. She’s unbelievably generous, always willing to help out with anything possible. One of my favorite parts about her is that she is incredibly determined. She’s devoted to being better each day and she’s all about getting the job done. She’s intelligent and so hardworking, sometimes to the point where you have to tell her to take a break 🙂 If you need someone to stay up all night with talking about life and all it’s treasures, Kelly is the person. She’ll rack your brain in such a good way that makes you think and cherish those in your life that you care about. Kelly is really just a remarkable young woman from that awesome city of Seattle! Kelly, thank you so much for all of your awkward turtle moments that make me laugh so much 🙂 Thank you so much for being there to listen to me when I’ve needed it and for being so curious about my passions and interests. Thank you for always pushing through things with me and for teaching me so much about friendship and being a House Staff member. Thank you so much for the journey that we’ve had, ups and downs and all. Thank you for being you dear 🙂

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