#269. August 18th, 2013: Kelsey Desmond

I met Kelsey over a year and a half ago and I knew right then that she was phenomenal. Kelsey is someone who immediately captures your attention with her spunky and perky self and her contagious smile, giggle, and all-out laugh 🙂 She spreads happiness and cheer wherever she goes, always willing to stop and shed some positive perspective in your life. Kelsey is truly someone that you just enjoy being around. She can make you feel so comfortable and happy to be there. She gives such fantastic hugs and don’t even get me started on her incredible sloth voice… Kelsey also has such wonderful dreams and aspirations and I am SO excited for her to be heading to Morocco soon to study abroad. She’s so smart and has such a beautiful view on this world and all of us inside it. Kelsey really has taught me the value of friendship and how opening up can really produce a quality relationship 🙂 This summer has been such a transformative experience for a lot of us and yet with Kelsey, she stopped her traditional summer plans for the first time in years and I am so happy that we were all able to make her feel like her summer was worthwhile 🙂 Having her on cabinet was something I will always appreciate as I was able to learn about her view on life and how some pretty unbelievable things have played huge roles in her gorgeous life. Kelsey, you really are such a marvelous human being 🙂 Thank you so much for grabbing lunch today and for making me smile as usual 🙂 Thank you so much for being my friend and for always listening to me when I’ve needed it. Thank you so much for your magnificent viewpoint on this crazy thing called life and thank you so much for your vulnerable and powerful diversity circle this summer. You really made such a imprint on my heart that will stay there forever. Thank you so much for being such a phenomenal confidant and house staff. Thank you so much for being your lovely and quirky self and thank you so much for just being you 🙂

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