#268. August 17th, 2013: Garrett Hoppin

Garrett is one of the very first friends that I made here at GW. When I started getting to know him through the beginning stages of the year, I knew that he was going to be someone I could count on. He is easily one of the smarter kids that I know, and he does everything with such ease and with a willingness to help others along the journey. He’s one of those people that when you see you know you’re going to smile and have a fun time with. Garrett has such a phenomenal sense of humor and the ability to make everyone feel welcome and at home. He has a wonderful set of parents who make a killer brunch omg πŸ™‚ Garrett is also someone who I trust and know will be a friend of mine forever. He’s always there if I need to talk and he can always be there to talk about ideas and our passions to change the world. Garrett has also taught me a lot about friendship and about the values and morals of life in general. Garrett is someone that I just very much appreciate having in my life and I hope he never forgets that πŸ™‚ Garrett, thank you so much for being such a funny and encouraging friend of mine. Thank you for being my awesome pledge bro and for keeping me so involved in the frat (lol). Thank you for all the ridiculous memories and times we’ve shared, and thank you for being someone I can depend on. Thank you for making GW a better place and for making me feel welcome here in college. Thank you for being the rockstar that you are!Β 

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