#267. August 16th, 2013: James Lewis

Finding someone in life who is passionate about something is a very exciting thing, but finding someone who actually does something about that burning fire within is something else. James represents just that. If James wants something to happen or if he wants something to change, he is going to give it his absolute best effort to get it. James is truly one of the most determined and dedicated people that I know. In high school, James was the mastermind behind Raven Lunatics, something that came to be a phenomenal idea to get more school spirit going at our fantastic high school. James put in so much time and devotion and it was so inspiring to see that dedication. He always wanted to push our school to new limits, and I’m convinced he’s got the same mind set at TCU as their best horned frog 🙂 James always had such a great sense of humor and seeing him around CCA made you proud to go there. He loved that school and definitely left his legacy. James, thank you so much for being such a hardworking and influential person in my life as well as many others. Thank you for being such a great friend to so many people and for being the rockstar behind those streamer blasters 🙂 Thank you for always looking for the best in things and for always being honest with those around you. It truly has helped me grow and I know the same is true for so many others. Thank you for being the spirited, hilarious, and passionate guy that you are, and thank you for just being who you are 🙂

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