#266. August 15th, 2013: Hugo Scheckter

If you know Hugo Scheckter, then you know there’s truly no one else like him the world. You also know that he probably loves hearing that 🙂 Hugo really is a unique individual and meeting him my freshmen year really has been something I will always be thankful for. Hugo started as my soccer coach for the club team, someone I could always count on to be dedicated to the team and its success. He is seriously one of the most devoted people I have ever met and his passion for the sport and his career in managing it is quite remarkable and inspiring. And let’s be real, he’s great at it and will absolutely be successful. Hugo also developed into one of my best friends, always managing to make me laugh ridiculously and sometimes embarrass myself with how red in the face I got from laughing. He also has taught me a great deal about myself and about maintaining friendships and a healthy lifestyle. For that, Hugo, I will always be so thankful for and you know that. Hugo, thank you so much for being someone who I know will be honest with me and not always tell me what I want to hear. Thank you for always speaking the truth and for making me fall over laughing pretty much all the time. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you and your life, and thank you for giving me someone I can count on. Thank you for giving me two great years of collegiate soccer and thank you for our hilarious inside jokes. Thank you for being someone this campus needed and learned from and thank you for just being the british, wacky, and humorous guy that you are. As I always say, and as you always don’t really like, thank you for being you!

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