#263. August 12th, 2013: Victoria Miller

Just as I started to type, I started laughing just thinking about Victoria’s laugh and how excited I am to see her again 🙂 Victoria truly is a one-of-a-kind character and someone I am so happy to have met at GW. When you see her you immediately notice how energetic and simply real she is. She speaks the truth and is not afraid to be blunt and I love that. She can make anyone and everyone laugh and be happy and she can brighten up the room just by being there. I can remember so many hilarious nights with her around and I also loved the times when she and I would just talk about life 🙂 Victoria is extremely sociable and so incredible trustworthy. She is such a mentor, role model, and confidant for so many people at GW and it makes me so happy to watch as she makes others happy with their own beautiful lives. Honestly, Victoria just makes your day better when you see her. She gives the best hugs and she’s also really good at building houses 🙂 Victoria, thank you so much for being the sweet and eccentric person that you are 🙂 Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face when I see you and thank you for all the wonderful laughs and times on our trip to NOLA 🙂 Thank you for your absolutely hysterical reactions to getting out in Mafia on that trip and thank you for just bringing such enthusiasm to everything that you do 🙂 Thank you for being the spectacular human being that you are 🙂 I’m so excited to see you so soon 🙂

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