#254. August 3rd, 2013: Jon Hering

I first met Jon through email as he was already being a go-getter before the year even started. When I finally met him in person, I knew right off the bat he was going to be one of my favorite residents πŸ™‚ Now, if someone had told me that he would come to be my little n my fraternity and that we’d be on Colonial Cabinet together, I would have laughed, but I can easily say now that I am so happy with things turning out this way πŸ™‚ Jon is just one of those people who walks into a room a glows. He captures the attention of anyone he meets and his smile, which I’m sure is showing right now, is something that you’re immediately bound to notice. Jon is also one of the most engaged and involved people you’ll meet. Even when just talking with him on the street, he’ll give you his full attention and personality. He’s a big hugger, and he’ll tell you how much he cares about you often πŸ™‚ Jon is also a wonderful actor, and as his proud big, I am even more proud of him for being the lead in GW’s first sitcom. When Jon wants something he goes out and he gets it. He tries his hardest at everything he does and puts his heart and soul into all that makes up his spectacular life. He’s ridiculously intelligent and so much fun to be around. This summer has shown me truly how lucky I am to have him in my life. I would always catch a glimpse of him sitting with a family during CI, alleviating all of their worries about their son or daughter coming to college. Jon is just someone who truly cares about the people in his life, and his emotional availability and confidence is what makes him into a well-rounded man. One of my favorite parts about Jon, however, is his sense of humor and ability to make fun of himself. He knows how much I poke fun at him and yet he’s strong, has humility, and is always looking to improve himself. Jon is a VERY special guy and anyone who knows him knows that to be true πŸ™‚ Jon, thank you so much for this past roller coaster of a year, from all the ridiculous memories to all the serious and comforting talks we’ve had. Thank you for listening to me when I’ve needed that and thank you for opening up as well πŸ™‚ Thank you for always having something hilarious to say or something to cheer the room up with. Thank you for always being such a kind hearted and compassionate man who I really am so honored to have as my little πŸ™‚ Thank you for being the rockstar that you are. I cannot wait to watch you as you grow through college and through the rest of your life πŸ™‚

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