#253. August 2nd, 2013: Mike Witous

When I first met Mike, I knew I was in the presence of a true and honorable man. Mike is one of the nicest and most kind people you’ll ever meet. He always has this big smile on his face and he always has something wonderful and meaningful to say. On the soccer field, you could always count on him to not only rock it in the defense, but also to pick up the morale of the team when we needed it. Mike is logical and optimistic. He’s incredibly intelligent and easily one of the most modest and humble guys on the planet. He’s trustworthy; someone you could go to for help and someone who can always offer fantastic advice and opportunities. Mike is simply a gentlemen and I am so happy to have him in my life and to call him my friend 🙂 Mike, thank you so much for being the genuine and magnificent human being that you are. Thank you for always being so positive and thank you for being such a great teammate! Thank you for being a rockstar and thank you for being you. SO many people look up to you, Mike. The way you live life by your morals and values is inspirational and we all should learn a little from you 🙂

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