#252. August 1st, 2013: Max Chen

When I think of people at GW who are fearless, or when I think of people that have a idea and don’t let anything get in their way, I think of Max Chen. We can all learn something from Max, especially on being a genuine human being and on accomplishing your dreams. I remember when I first got to GW I would hear things about Max, good things of course, and I wanted to meet him. Now, 2 years later, Max, in my mind, is the definition of pride in oneself as well as ambition. When you talk to him he gives you his full attention and you think, “Oh, he’s got all the time in the world since he’s devoting his care to me right now.” That last part is true, but the first part isn’t, in that Max is always so busy saving the world. He’s a guy who doesn’t sleep much like me and yet it takes him places, that’s for sure. The guy has his face on a billboard for goodness sake! πŸ™‚ Max is saving the planet, one Green GW post at a time πŸ™‚ Max, thank you so much for being such an honorable and trustworthy man. Thank you for being who you are and for respecting those around you, always. Thank you for always having something nice to say and for taking all of your expectations and going way beyond them. Thank you for just being such a great friend, House Staff, mentor; thank you for just being a quality, honest, and humble human being πŸ™‚

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